The Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation was formed with the mission to assist in and finance the advancement of all aspects of stem cell therapies and cellular regenerative medicine and research in full regulatory conformance, in conjunction with the scientific community. The foundation will also support and provide charitable therapies to those suffering from degenerative diseases and debilitating conditions.

In addition, in order to raise awareness and educate the community, the foundation participates in and supports the production of relative documentary films.



Eddie Amarante, Founder, BHCF


Katarina Novakova, BHCF


Brandon Pope, VP, Business Development, BHI



Marina Manvelyan, Ph.D., Clinical Research Scientist, BHI


Michael Platt, Ph.D., Scientific Advisory Board, BHI





Kirk Barton


Jeremy Hogen


Alan Gets in the Game


Anton receives Stem Cell treatment with BHI in Slovakia


David Berger


Yessenia Torres


Salvador Flores


Shlomi Atash


Arlene Santiago


Nadia Lanfranconi


Eileen Craft


Grace Monroy


Yueyue’s Story