Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation

The Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation is a 501 ( c ) (3) was formed with the mission to assist in and finance the advancement of all aspects of stem cell therapies and cellular regenerative medicine and research in full regulatory conformance, in conjunction with the scientific community.
The foundation is also dedicated to raising capital to support medical centers and clinics by providing medicines vital to basic human survival and by performing advanced medical treatments otherwise not accessible to certain geographic region.
Blue Horizon International, LLC (BHI), the for profit arm of the BHCF, is a healthcare consulting company and life sciences pioneer that brings advanced research, cutting-edge technology, innovative treatments, medical infrastructure, quality control, education and training to doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel throughout the world. Developing high quality healthcare centers in emerging markets provides an economic stimulus to local regions by creating medical tourism hubs, which will allow these markets to become viable and self-sustaining communities.
BHI’s regenerative cellular treatments, stem cell therapies, and cancer immunotherapy help patients live longer, healthier lives by treating the root causes of illness. We have a unique concept that combines research, international development, and philanthropy centered on breakthrough modalities, which we believe are beneficially disruptive to global healthcare.
The Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation raises capital to help our organization change the landscape of healthcare delivery, especially in emerging markets.
Our focus is on quality first, research, know-how, proven protocols, and ethically gathered placental and cord stem cells. We collaborate with national public health and economic development ministries, social-venture capital, local medical facilities, and entrepreneurs who can support our vision of bringing advanced clinics to a wider audience across the globe.


Stem Cells: The Next Frontier – 20min Preview from Blue Horizon on Vimeo.

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